The Spear

The sea people split into two groups

Over the course of the years, various attempts were made to find the island and its source of life. If the tales have been correctly passed down, the Tre Kronor expedition actually made it to the island just under 500 years ago. The cunning Captain Tord Johanson outwitted the sea people standing guard over the source and wanted to make off with a few wooden barrels full of spring water.
The sea people were scared to death of Odin’s rage and hunted Tre Kronor down. They had no qualms about killing the captain and his team in order to save their own lives. As the Captain Tord Johansen never arrived back to his home harbour of Sweden, it must be assumed that the sea people were successful and the island of Rulantica has once again been spared from Odin’s rage.
The drastic deeds of some of the sea people created some tension amongst the guardians of the source. As a consequence, they split into two groups: from that point onwards, the sea people who protected the source and who were not afraid to kill others were referred to as guardians of the source. The sirens, on the other hand, were more peaceful and did not consider that Odin had empowered them to decide whether others lived or died. They focused on keeping people away from the island by confusing them and diverting them so that people never actually found their way to their destination of Rulantica.

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