The Kelpies

The horses of Rulantica

The Vikings of Rulantica who were transformed into sea people lived in a multi-layered world with rules and obligations – comparable to our society of today.
Most of the sea people are the so-called \'guardians of the source\'. They are the protectors of the island and in particular of the source of life which is said to be located on Rulantica and which has already motivated many people to search for the magical island.
The guardians of the source protect the island from unwanted intruders. They use kelpies for their patrols around the island. These hybrid creatures, which are half horse and half fish, are the fastest living beings in the ocean and serve as mounts for the sea people.
According to legend, kelpies are magical beings and can shapeshift, e.g. on land, by transforming their fins and their powerful fish tails into legs. Whether the kelpies already lived on Rulantica before the sea people came or where indeed they came from remains unclear even today.

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