The mighty Serpent

Just one drop would be enough

Whether or not the monster is still trapped in the ice in Rulantica or whether there was another expedition as well as Tre Kronor which was successful in stealing the water and the snake was released as a result, is not known.
What is certain is that the deep sea expert Ander Svensson found a mysterious skeleton on the sea bed near Stockholm in 1948 and was convinced that it was Svalgur. He thinks that Svalgur is a child of Jörmundgan, the great Midgard Serpent, who watches over the nine worlds of Nordic mythology.
The members of the Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) are particularly supportive of this assumption. Svensson bequeathed the powerful skeleton to the \'Krønasår\' Museum-Hotel. The skeleton was put together in the lobby of the Museum-Hotel for the special exhibition, and according to legend, a tiny quantity of source water would suffice to bring the snake back to life. It’s a good thing that nobody is in possession of even a drop of source water...

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