Stone Giants

The force of the earth

Like the stone trolls, it was also trickster god Loki who set the stone giants down on the island of Rulantica. Their actual home is Jotunheim, one of the nine worlds of Nordic mythology. However, there are differences between the two types of stone giants: whilst the stone giants from Jotunheim were described as irascible, aggressive creatures, nothing but good things have been said about their relatives on Rulantica. They are even characterised as \'gentle\' and \'peaceful\'. Perhaps the charm of the magical island of Rulantica has also rubbed off on the irascible stone giants?
Stone giants’ favourite activity is definitely sleeping and they do that whenever they want to – it doesn’t matter where they are at the time. They lie down and almost melt into the natural environment. So it may be that yesterday you were able to walk along a path – but today it is blocked by what looks like an enormous mountain.
The stone giants may therefore also be one of the explanations why descriptions of Rulantica vary so widely and why everyone perceives the island differently.

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