Special Exhibition

Vinterhal: The mighty ice temple

In the last area (Vinterhal) of the special exhibition \'Rulantica\', visitors are met with a veritable work of art made from ice and snow: the mighty ice prison of Svalgur in the form of an enormous temple.
The body of the snake has shaped the temple over the years, and many small and large smooth icy paths wind around the temple. Here you’ll need to hold on tight so that you don’t slip and slide back down to the bottom before you want to. Whereas Trølldal will satisfy the heart’s desires of all young explorers, older ones will be able to live it up to their heart’s content in Vinterhal.
Skog Lagune, a special kind of lagoon, will provide sustenance in between: it can be found in the middle of a small forest, directly opposite the ice temple and it provides the perfect ambiance to collect more energy for even more adventures in Rulantica.
And who knows, perhaps you will find a few hints during your visit to Rulantica to unlock the secrets surrounding the legendary island of Rulantica...

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