Special Exhibition

Let yourself drift in the Lazy River \'Snorri\'s Saga\'

In today’s times, which can often be stressful, it does you good to simply allow yourself to drift! And that’s exactly what visitors to the special exhibition \'Rulantica\' are able to do in the Snorri\'s Saga area: Snap up one of our comfortable tyres and enjoy a rather different kind of tour around the island of Rulantica in all its multi-faceted splendour and colour. But be careful! It has been known for people on the Utanända river to forget everything around them and not notice that they have been going around in circles for hours. If you look more closely here and there, you might also discover the cheeky little rascal Snorri, who loves floating along the lazy river Snorri\'s Saga. In all likelihood, this is the place that reminds him of his true home of Rulantica.

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