Special Exhibition

Rangnakor as a refuge

Located right next to Skip Strand, Rangnakor is depicted in the special exhibition \'Rulantica\' as a refuge for weary explorers: on four-metre high stilts, a true paradise of Nordic architecture can be found, to be discovered and enjoyed by guests. And for everyone who is in a hurry to get back to the bottom and feel solid ground beneath their feet, there are two clever slide systems which transport visitors down again in a jiffy.
Rulantica’s large basalt pillars which indicate volcanic activity on the island, can be discovered in the Vildstrøm outside area. The best way to appreciate it is to allow yourself to be transported through this wonderful world of rigid stone formations and to admire the rich variety of ferns and lichens which are typical of this area. Here the same applies: appropriate swimwear is highly recommended as it can become stormy in the torrential white waters and you may get wet.

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