Soul Animals

A connection for life

On the island of Rulantica, often nothing is what it seems, and this means that the sea people are much more than simply Vikings who have evolved to possess fins and who simply live in the water. Few traditions and customs have been passed down with such frequency and in such detail as that of the soul animals. Once a sea child has reached 12 years of age, they go looking for their soul animal. Often it may be the case that the animal finds the sea person instead of the other way round. Both then enter into a lifelong connection and protect one another.
In principle, any type of animal can enter into a soul connection with a sea person, although sea creatures such as tortoises and octopi are particularly popular. The prerequisite for a soul connection between an animal and a sea creature is that both characters complement one another, form a single entity and both have the desire to enter into the connection forever. Each new soul connection is celebrated with a special ritual – the most important event in the life of a sea person!

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