An extra-special octopus

As well as the kelpies, another species exists on Rulantica which is unique to this island: a species of octopus with six legs instead of eight!
But the unusual number of arms is not the only thing that makes this species so special: Rulantica octopi are extremely inquisitive, funny and quite cheeky toward one another. These qualities make them the perfect soul animals for young sea people who love exploring, and they are particularly popular with them.
When Captain Finn Olsen fished the Tre Kronor coat of arms out of the ocean in 2015, he also pulled an old barrel from the depths of the sea. Captivated by the coat of arms, he initially paid the barrel little attention, but when he heard unusual sounds coming from inside the barrel he became curious and opened it. And behold: in the barrel hid a little octopus – but with only six legs. While Olsen was still reflecting on the Rulantica myths and was wondering whether his find could be one of the typical Rulantica octopi, the little chap escaped from him. Since then, he has been playing his little practical joke on the guests of the \'Krønasår\' Museum-Hotel and the special exhibition of \'Rulantica\'.
One might even think that the little octopus – let’s call him Snorri – survived in the wooden barrel for 500 years between the Tre Kronor expedition and Captain Olsen’s find without ageing. His behaviour is just as mischievous, clumsy and sly today – it’s exactly how octopi behave when they are just about to make their soul connection with a sea person.

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