A city on stilts

Rangnakor – the unique Viking city

The lore which was passed down over the centuries tells us that the leader of the tribe, Viken, and his people built their city of Rangnakor in the skies. For a long time, the question of what that could mean dogged researchers. Now we can be certain that \'in the skies\' actually means that the city was built on stilts. Even today it is unclear why the Vikings deviated from their customary method of construction and built the city above basalt cliffs and the roaring waves instead of using the more peaceful hinterlands or the beach as a surface to build upon. Perhaps they didn’t want to scare the trolls who lived there? Or perhaps they wanted to keep away from a danger in that area?
Regardless of this question, Rangnakor is described as an affluent small city with alleyways you can get lost in and in which all the typical Nordic decorations and ornaments such as vines, snakes, dragons and sea creatures can be discovered.

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