The Viking city

In around 900 A.D., the tribe chief Viken Rangnak was searching for a new home for his people. He had promised his Vikings a better life and prayed to the Nordic gods, but his pleas remained unheeded.
In desperation, he turned to the trickster god Loki, in the knowledge that Loki was in fact not trustworthy. Loki heard Viken’s prayers and soon afterwards, one of Loki’s magic horns appeared on the beach of the Viking village.
The runes engraved on the horn showed Viken and his tribe the way to the magic island of Rulantica. They set off, and if the tracks on Rulantica can be believed, they actually made it to the island, and built the city of Rangnakor, half on the cliffs, half standing in the water. But their luck didn’t last forever... but more on that later!

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