Odin\'s Anger

The fate of the Vikings

The trickster god Loki created the island of Rulantica without the knowledge of the Nordic father of the gods Odin. Loki’s goal was to tempt people and, as well as passing on the stories, he managed it. His first victim belonged to Viken Rangnak’s Viking tribe, which occupied the island as its first settlers in 900 A.D. Once the Vikings had settled down on the island for a time and were enjoying their lives, Loki started to get bored. He told them about the source of life which was said to be on the island and which was reputed to promise eternal life. Some time passed and after a while the Vikings could no longer resist the temptation – they went looking for the source and when they finally found it, Loki’s plan came to fruition: the water from the magic source made the Vikings immortal. But as we know, immortality is solely reserved for the gods. As was inevitable, the father of the gods Odin found out about the immortal Vikings and his unbridled anger was unleashed.

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