Nights at Krønasår

Set off on a journey of discovery

Even from a distance, we are greeted by the vibrant colours of the \'Krønasår\' natural history museum, welcoming us to far-flung Nordic regions. The wooden cladding and bricks are typical of Nordic architecture and fit in perfectly with the rustic landscape.
On arrival in the lobby, it’s time to check in first, as at this museum it is not only possible to spend a day and experience the \'Rulantica\' special exhibition next door, it is also possible to spend the night in the former study rooms of well-known explorers. And once you have satisfied your initial thirst for knowledge, two restaurants, a bar, and a café will supply you with the energy you need. In the entrance area itself, the first exhibits will lead you away into another world and awaken the \'Rulantica\' myth."

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