Frigg\'s Mercy

Legs turn into fins

Frigg is the goddess of marriage and one of the most powerful women in the Nordic world of gods. As such, she stands side by side with Odin, father of the gods, and witnessed how the young Viking Kailani made her plea for mercy for herself and for the Viking tribe of her father Viken.
Unlike Odin, Frigg saw that the fault lay almost exclusively with the trickster god Loki, who had initially sealed the unspeakable fate of the Vikings. Frigg recognised the good in people and forgave the Vikings for their yearning for immortality. She soothed Odin’s rage and convinced him only to punish those Vikings who had given into their greed for immortality and who had drunk from the source of life. All other Vikings should be spared. Odin relented, and if the legend is to be believed, this was when the sea people of Rulantica came into existence.
The Vikings who had been transformed into sea people as a punishment by Odin had to leave the beautiful city of Rangnakor and make a new life in the grottos of the island. Nonetheless, even Frigg’s mercy had its limits, and the sea people were given the duty of being guardians of the source and ensuring that nobody else drank from it.
If ever anyone drank the water of the source of life again, Odin’s fury would be unleashed and the island would be destroyed once and for all.

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