Captain Tord Johansen

Did he seal the fate of the Tre Kronor?

When the Swedish king ordered a search for Rulantica in 1557, he chose the best captain in the Swedish maritime fleet for this important mission: Tord Johansen. Johansen had been in royal service for decades and was known to be fearless and uncompromising. But what the king did not suspect was that the old sea dog Johansen was pursuing his own objective with this mission: he wanted the water from the source for himself. Why should he share the water when he could have it all to himself?
Nonetheless, the lore is contradictory on this point: sometimes Johansen is simply portrayed as an egotistical captain, others accord him some respect and see in him the first man to truly discover Rulantica. Ultimately, nobody knows what happened back then, and so many stories about the fearless captain and the journey to Rulantica are now intertwined.
The legend surrounding him even lives on at the theatre. Not far from the natural history museum, a musical about Johansen, which lures guests into the colourful world of Rulantica, is being performed at Europa-Park.

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